Wisdom of Crowds is back with a successful event after the pandemic.

The Cyber Management Alliance’s Wisdom of Crowds events symbolises the collaborative spirit of the cybersecurity industry. This spirit was perfectly exemplified by the first post-pandemic Wisdom of Crowds event (or Woc) in London on June 15, 2022.

Several top cybersecurity businesses and professionals gathered for a stimulating and productive meeting. The event was held at the Sofitel London St. James Hotel on June 15, 2022. It brought together top cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals, and vendors to discuss all things cyber. It was a day of networking and knowledge sharing that was a success.

The London WoC Event’s overarching theme was “Cybersecurity Strategies 2022”. All discussions, addresses, and group interactions focused on how the industry can work together and invent to improve detection, response, and recovery times. Sponsors of the event were CyCognito and Juniper Networks, as well as Cymulate, Cymulate, Juniper Networks and E2E Assure.

Amar Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyber Management Alliance, briefly introduced the day. He also reviewed the past 2 years of cyber. Amar’s interactive style ensured that everyone was involved throughout the day. He broke the ice by getting people talking and helping them to get comfortable. After the introduction, the Wisdom of Crowds group interaction began. This is the best part of these events, where participants come together to share ideas, and challenges, discuss new perspectives and brainstorm solutions. Wisdom of Crowds group discussions are unique; this year, the sessions were especially energetic and powerful.

Data and app protection have never been more important. We must also make sure that apps are accessible whenever needed. In his address, ‘ Zero-Trust Data Centre, ‘ Laurence Pitt, Juniper Networks, discussed strategies to achieve this.

Link11 closed the day with its keynote speech on DDoS attacks. It also discussed how we as a community could counter the next generation of cyber-threats. This address summarised many of the topics covered during the day and was a fitting ending to an extremely exciting day.

Amar Singh led group sessions that interspersed the keynote speeches. The traditional panel discussion was given a new twist by Amar Singh, who led the group sessions. This made it more engaging, stimulating, and fun. These group activities covered two main topics:

  1. Are you a home-based worker, good or bad, especially in security?
  2. Do you think it is a good idea to strengthen your cyber defences by hiring a cyber-criminal?


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