Step-by-step guide to passing the CISA Exam

Certified Information Systems Auditors or Certified Information Systems Auditors are two of the most highly sought-after certifications for IT and auditing professionals.

CISA is a certification issued in accordance with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. CISA certification is an important step for people who audit, control and monitor information technology systems and business systems.

This blog will share simple strategies to help you pass the CISA Examination.

Why should you get CISA Certification?

The CISA certificate is highly sought after by employers. This credential is especially in demand at the Big 4 accounting firms (KPMG and Deloitte), Ernst & Young, Tier 1 investment banks (Goldman Sachs Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and many others). CISA holders would need to be able to give assurance on IT systems and related business processes for any IT Internal Auditing or Compliance Department.

IT professionals can gain a deep understanding of Information Systems audit processes and guidelines, as well as the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge with the CISA Certification Programme.

CISA can be a powerful way to differentiate yourself on your CV. CISA Certification can help you open up new opportunities in your career and show your dedication to IT auditing. It is highly recommended that you pursue the CISA certification.

It is important to remember that passing the CISA exam is not an easy task. Proper preparation is essential to pass the CISA exam. We will be sharing a step by step guide to help you pass the CISA exam.

What are the key benefits of passing CISA?

You can prepare for the CISA examination:


Self preparation can take up to 4-5 months for the CISA certification. Here are some ways that self-study can become more efficient:

  • Interactive sample exams can be customized from a collection of 1000+ CISA Review Questions.
  • You can refer to the CISA books for more detail, including the CISA Review Manual by ISACA as well as the CISA Planning Guide.
  • For self-study, to understand weak and strong areas, and to focus your preparation accordingly, you can also take the Self-Assessment Exam.

Online Training

Online training courses are a popular option for students preparing for the CISA exam. Cyber Management Alliance offers CISA training, which is taught by ISACA-approved CISA instructors.

Here are some good practices to help you improve the effectiveness of your CISA Online Preparation.

  • Relax and learn the ISACA method of doing things.
  • While your experience is still valuable, don’t let it conflict with the lessons you have learned.
  • Regularly read the CISA review manual (about 40-50 pages per day).
  • You can make steady progress if you follow a study plan.
  • Discuss your progress regularly with your instructor.
  • Practice at least 70-80 questions after each module is completed.
  • Limit the amount of resources you use to those suggested by your instructor.

Our CISA Training has the following key features:

  • All 5 domains are easily readable (slidepack).
  • 2 CISA Practice Exams
  • Domain-wise practice questions.
  • CISA Review/ Cheat Sheet (what you should know about the exam).

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