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The security industry over the past decade has witnessed a surge in growth. There has been a rise in people who need public protection, and this has contributed to the increase in the number of private security firms too. Professionals in this sector must undergo security training courses that are tailored to the needs of those particular niches.

If you are interested in entering the security industry, there are different career paths to pick from. Most of the individuals who go through such training work in the industry as door supervisors, CCTV operators, or security guards.

For one to be certified as a door supervisor, he/she has to attend and cover four training modules. The time-span for each door supervisor course is approximately 45 hours. The candidate must also pass the three exams before being given a Door Supervisor License.

CCTV operators, on the other hand, will undergo rigorous SIA training in how to better manage the latest surveillance technology. This training prepares individuals with different areas of CCTV such as the practical use of CCTV equipment, CCTV operations, and working in the private security sector. The training takes four days, and upon completion the candidate is awarded an SIA CCTV Operator License. The candidate must pass two exams to get the certification.

If you are interested in guarding premises and working as a security guard, you can also take the applicable SIA training course, and once you have achieved your Security Guarding Licence, you will be able to work on unlicensed premises, such as universities and construction sites. During the course, you will learn about your roles and responsibilities, and there are three modules that need to be passed.

Of all the listed courses above, the door supervisor course training is arguably the most popular and comprehensive. It offers the widest range of work for people who complete it. Nevertheless, the course you select depends on you, your interests, and your skills. Just remember that each security training course will have requirements to fulfil, and you have to get an SIA license before securing a job.

December 17, 2015

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