IT security: A managed approach for financial services

Every week, it seems, we hear about another attack on IT security in the financial services sector.  This heightened awareness has firms taking extensive in-house precautions to raise firewalls, lock down apps and servers, and pursue other best-practice strategies.But under the strain of constant threats and rapid evolution of new technologies, IT leaders can’t help but wonder: Is what I’m doing enough? The list of potential risks is ever expanding, making it virtually impossible to keep tabs on everything. While it’s tempting to build walls of protection, current business technology needs and trends pose direct conflict to isolation strategies. Cloud, social media and mobile devices are too efficient and prevalent in the current workforce. They present opportunities for doing business better, and as enablers of technology, IT leaders can’t afford to roadblock demands for easy access to the tools of today.

How do we, as our organization’s technology leaders, balance the needs of the business to pursue opportunities with the needs to protect it from threats? One solution is to approach IT security as a managed service. Security technologies are expensive and always evolving. It’s not enough that IT leaders stay on top of the trends. They must also maintain a strong staff that’s equipped to provide the level of quality protection financial customers expect from the firms they do business with. Security as a service can help protect these firms from the next string of hreats. Download our new whitepaper for a deeper look at how managed security services can help arm financial service firms in today’s threat environment.

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