4 ways of efficient networking that can make you rich

Running a business is not just about counting the profit and managing the losses. There is much more to it and there are many more complexities underlying in this process than we can figure out superficially! Business management nowadays are not what they used to be earlier! With the evolution of internet and various other communication methods, there have occurred widespread changes in the way we work and manage business and also it has become easier to promote businesses through all types of audiences. Not to mention the importance of promotion and networking for a better performance and increased profits!

Marketing has also changed its form and evolved in the years. Earlier when you had to be dependent on mere ‘word of mouth’ or print media marketing, now you can use various other ways online to publicise your business including the above two ways. These also affect the networking strategies of firms. Depending upon the kind of business you are into, you may have various networking strategies that cater to your audience. You see, not everything works for everyone!

Let us see what networking techniques are used by various businesses to reach their target audience.

A catering business- food is one thing that will always be in need, no matter what is the occasion or the place. If you want to stand out in the catering industry and attract more business towards yourself, then you must improve on your marketing. For the beginning, you can contact social media marketing strategists to create your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and other such platforms to reach out to maximum people online. Contact eminent bloggers and convince them to publish your recipes according to the blog audience. Not only this, get in touch with even managers, wedding planners, wedding services providers like make up artists, decorators and offer to give extra discounts to their clients. One more prospective business area is providing catering services in corporate offices. Contact the admin of workplaces and find out if they have a policy of providing meals to their employees. If yes, you have a potential business provider!

A security service provider- security services like OGS Group Security Services are needed in almost every set up you will come across. Your offices, residential premises, shopping complexes, individual stores and any other building you can think of, it will need security services. For better business you can contact real estate developers and strike a deal to provide security in all of their buildings. Event security is also one domain which you can explore by contacting various event planners and organisers which can be done by attending their events. Corporate offices also require security personnel especially if they provide commuting services where they need to have a security staff in each vehicle. You need to contact the administration of various offices to get business from this platform.

A hotelier- even the big names in the hotel industry like the Hyatt, Pullman, Novotel and others pay great attention on their networking strategies to increase their business. If you are an emerging hotel chain owner, you must need the right contacts to help flourish your business. Get in touch with event managers and planners to become the host of weddings and corporate events by offering special discounts. A mention in the stories of eminent travel and lifestyle magazines will be a good way to target your audience if you know the right journalists and media people. Contacting travel agencies, big or small, and trying to strike a deal with them will also help boost your business.

A cab service provider- transport is one of the fastest growing businesses and has huge potential in the near future. If yours is a startup providing cab services, then having contacts in various hotels, particularly above 4 star will help you get good business if you get to provide your cabs in the hotels. Many corporate offices provide transport services to their employees. Contacting the concerned person in the admin of various offices can also fetch you good business.

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