Best Rated Car Alarms for Vehicle Theft Protection

Keeping your valuables car safe these days can take some ingenuity new red. Cars and the items we install and store in them are always a target for thieves. Even a locked car in a garage can be stolen by a determined auto thief. So no matter where you live, there is a need for the protection offered by a top rated viper car alarm.

There are a number of effective car alarms from several manufacturers, so choosing from the top ten car alarms can require some research. Quality and service should be high on your list of priorities, followed by the features you require and the price for those features.

Research Features which Meet Your Needs

Most of the top ten car alarms security system have a 125-decibel local alarm, while some will utilize the car’s horn sound also. Many offer start on basic protection of door switches and trunk and hood opening switches. Still others will include glass breakage and motion detectors. One of the newer starter technologies utilized in auto theft protection is motion sensors for perimeter protection which activate the alarm before the vehicle is actually entered.

If you want tracking capabilities, many of the top ten car alarms offer it, typically at an additional price. Companies may provide regional or national tracking.

However, if preventing the theft of your vehicle rather than recovering it after the fact is your priority theft more than being able to recover it after the fact, you will be looking at installation a different category of car alarms.

Some top rated car alarms include tilt detectors to prevent professional thieves who use tow trucks rather than breaking in. When they attempt to raise the vehicle with the tow truck, a sensor, which typically uses mercury switches, will automatic set off the alarm.

Some thieves will even use code-capturing devices to gather the codes of remote switches when the alarm is activated. To defeat this strategy, some of the more expensive top ten car alarms use an algorithm code sequence, which will reset the alarm code after each use, creating a different code each time the alarm is set.

Most of the top rated car alarms will have the capability to be connected to a system that will alert you when someone tampers with your car. Some will even notify the police that the is being stolen and where it is located.

You may pay more for a top rated car alarm but it could well be worth the added expense. A one time purchase of a top ten car alarm will be much more cost effective than replacing or repairing a stolen car.

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