Advanced Technology Behind Viper Car Alarms

Viper car alarms with their innovative technology are some of the red sports carmost popular products in the automotive security. If you’re looking for a high quality security system for your car, checking out Viper car alarms is a good idea. All of their models provide excellent security that consumers want for their vehicles.

Viper car alarms are available in several models, each having standard features and specific extras. It is important to choose the type of technology you require to suit your vehicle. For this reason, you need to investigate your options before buying an alarm system.

What Are The Options?

Viper car alarms are equipped with sophisticated technology. One of the Viper’s award-winning technologies is the user-friendly Color Responder remote control which provides users with full color images. This innovative remote uses Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology to produce a brilliant animated display that needs no back lighting at night. This feature can be found in the Viper 7900 2-way Security and Remote Start system.

If you often park your vehicle away from your home, the two-way security Viper car alarm equipped with the SST One-Mile Range feature will be an ideal choice for you. The Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), which has a range of up to a mile, utilizes digital frequency hopping to ensure that your signal always goes through even if one frequency becomes blocked. Another award winning technology, SST is available  in Viper car alarm models 5900 and 5500.

If you want total control instantly with your remote vehicle commands, the Responder technology can provide you with user-friendly icons, text and images giving you the ultimate in convenience with their two-way security systems. The Responder System is available in Viper models 5002 and 791XV. When you want to start your engine with your remote, the Venom SST System available in Viper car alarm model 160XVL will allow you to pre-cool or pre-heat your vehicle up to a mile away with just one click of your remote.

If you require extensive and advanced security options for your car alarm, then you should opt for models with ESP2 or XR Plus Technology to give your vehicle the extra security it needs 24/7. Viper offers several models with specific technology to support it.

Since different type vehicles and various other factors can affect your choice of car alarms, choosing within the line of Viper car alarms will make the experience easy because they offer many models to meet your budget, security and vehicle requirements.

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