6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Local Security Team For Your International Event

Whether you are touring around cities with your band or hosting an international campaign, getting the security in place is one of the key agendas in your to-do list. And like any logical being, you too would prefer to hire a security team from a local company rather than travelling with guards for obvious reasons – Cost.

However, in a new city, country or continent, altogether, the security laws and rules are not quite similar to what they were “back home”. But we can help you in ensuring that you select the best security team anytime you travel out for an event.

Read on to find out how.

  1. How is the company’s customer service?

    The world is unpredictable and so are all its people. When you hire a local security team, you need to make sure that their associated company is ready to take responsibility and handle any adverse, unforeseen situations. This is how you can be sure about a company’s reliability.

  2. How good are their client reviews and testimonials?

    Any doubts that you might have about a company’s work, culture and services, they can be answered simply by knowing what their previous clients say about them. Any other claim that is made by the security company about being the best in the industry can be easily backed by client reviews. And if you experience any kind of hesitation or do not find enough information about their past clients over the internet, that should be your red flag.

  3. Do they have the required license and insurance?

    After finding out that your selected security company has relevant experience and good reputation in the market, the next thing to ask is if they possess the legal license for operating or not.

    Every good security company will be fully licenced in all their services and they will be willing to share their credentials. And besides sharing their licensing information, they will also allow you to look at their insurance details.  

    If you do not get informed about either of this information, it is a sign to look for another security agency.

  4. What are the training status and qualifications of their staff?

    It is possible for a private security company to have a good experience and amazing reviews but not have qualified staff. When someone’s work is dependant upon the individual working aptitude of each employee, you need to make sure that the people you are selecting for your security team are certified and trained properly. This will ensure that you don’t fall into a pickle at the time of the main event and any good company will readily display their employee qualifications to make a deal.

  5. How good is their response time?

    Security is the one area where the most important quality is the response time of the team. This is crucial to know beforehand because, in case of an emergency or threat, you should be assured that your hired company will respond instantly without any kind of delays.

  6. How much do their services cost?

    This is an important question to sort with the company before hiring them you also must have a budget to work with. And higher costs do not necessarily mean better services.

    Some of the private security companies also charge you for the commute, uniforms, food and many miscellaneous things. So, make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and there is no room for any hidden costs.

Make sure to follow through these necessary questions before finalizing a deal. Security is a crucial matter and there should never be any leniency with it.

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